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Changes in YaCy Advanced Settings

YaCy uses a property file to store its internal settings. All settings are stored on a central place. Some of the setting are not accessible from the web interface. There are three ways to edit them:

Through the web interface

On http://localhost:8090/ConfigAdvanced_p.html you can change them, while YaCy is running. Some settings still need a restart to take effect.

In the configfile

  • stop YaCy
  • edit DATA/SETTINGS/yacy.conf
  • start YaCy
Icon info.png Note: If you do not understand a setting in yacy.conf, look at the comments in yacy.init

Before the very first start

You can edit the settings before the first start of YaCy (and only then) in the yacy.init file in the installdir/defaults of YaCy.

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