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Internal communications

A YaCy peer owner can in principle stay anonymous. He/She must however publish some information to use YaCy network. These data are IP address and port. But YaCy relies on operators cooperation, because the project is a combined effort of all participants. Thus, even if a peers operators can stay anonymous, he/she always can communicate with other operators. Different functions are available, allowing operator to communicate with others anonymously or not. These functions are the following :

  • Messages - to send a simple message from one peer to one another anonymously
  • Profile - a way to go out of anonymity
  • News - a node owner can publish his/her activities publicly, such as BSP, crawl-offs or voting.

Communication alternatives


Icon work.png TODO: who is still active?

Name Role Nick Status
Michael Christen maintainer orbiter active
Natali Christen Designer (YaCy logo)
Stefan Förster Developer (YaCy-UI Webinterface) apfelmaennchen
Michael Hamann Web Interface michitux
Stephan Hermens Developer hermens
Volker Huppert Professional Evaluation huppi
Matthias Kempka Developer
Björn Krombholz Developer fuchsi
Timo Leise Developer
Urban Liebel Professional Evaluation
Marc Nause Developer (interface functions) low012
Thomas Quella Developer, Designer (Kaskelix mascot)
Florian Richter *Developer *IRC OP flori
Wolfgang Sander-Beuermann Public Relations (SuMa-eV, metaGer)
Matthias Söhnholz Developer
Uwe H. Packager (.rpm, .deb etc) slick
Oliver Wunder Translations daburna
Franz Brauße Developer (web interface)
Alexander Schier Developer (filtering and community functions)
Jan Sandbrink auron_x
David W. lotus
Alexander Fieger Statistiken lulabad active
Robert Curth shostakovich
Matthias M. Wiki, Doku Seitenreiter active
Quix0r active
Benutzer:Allo Allo inactive
Martin Thelian Theli
Sindy Schumann itGrl
Thomas Süß Wiki,Deutsche Übersetzung active

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