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YaCy: Peer-to-Peer Search Engine

YaCy is a search engine for the Web. It is neither a search portal nor a portal software but a peer-to-peer software that works on principles similar to file sharing. The difference is that the only data you share is web indexes.

YaCy also generates the indexes it organizes. YaCy is a web crawler for everybody, without censorship or central data retention:

  • co-operative web crawling; support for other crawlers
  • intranet indexing and search
  • ad-hoc capture of random websites; all users have equal rights
  • comprehensive concept to anonymize the users' pages

To be able to perform a search using the YaCy network, every user has to set up their own node. More users are leading to higher index capacity and better distributed indexing performance.

Alternatively, interested people can also execute a search without Yacy installation by using public Yacy peers. However, fundamentally an anonymous use of the searched words is guaranteed only by a own Yacy installation.

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