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Main technical features :

  • P2P network architecture
  • Cross-platform : can work on any operating system which can run a JVM
  • Parsing capabilities :
    • TXT clear text
    • CSV tabular data
    • RTF rich text
    • XML structured data
    • HTML web documents
    • RSS, RDF, Atom Newsfeeds
    • MS Office Excel, Word, Powerpoint
    • MS Visio diagrams
    • ODF OpenDocument
    • PDF Portable Document
    • PS Postscript
    • SWF Adobe Flash
    • VCard Electronic Business Card
    • Archives : 7zip, zip, bz2, tbz, tbz2, tar.gz, rpm, jar, apk
    • Images : png, jpg, gif, svg, ico, bmp, tif, psd
    • CAD Drawings : dwg
    • MM FreeMind mind maps
    • Audio : mp3, ogg, oga, m4a, m4p, flac, wma, sid
    • Torrent torrent metadata
  • OpenSearch interface
  • Load balancing
  • Automated index redundancy distribution
  • Direct import of Fremd-DB (Surrogate Harvester API)
  • Automatic indexing through a proxy filter
  • Embedded web server
  • Internal domain names ending in .yacy
  • P2P bootstrap from central seed lists
  • Spell check
  • Filter expression. e.g. : filetype:pdf
  • UTF-8 encoding


Below are the main technologies used in the project :

Specific task, see Peers structure


  • Stability
  • Languages support
  • Very simple Stemming

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