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YaCy needs a Java Runtime Environment to run. Since YaCy was operated under Sun's proprietary JRE at first, it currently works best with it. However efforts are underway to make YaCy runnable with free software JVMs.

YaCy with Kaffe

  • YaCy starts
  • Netwerkfunctions seem not to be implemente complete and/or compatible, see forum post

YaCy with GCJ (compiler)

To build with gcj it suffices to run Ant with the option -Dbuild.compiler=gcj or create a file named ant.properties in your which contains the line "build.compiler=gcj". With Debian GNU/Linux, Ubuntu & Fedora Core it suffices to not install a proprietary Java Runtime (GCJ is the default on these systems).


Install Darwinports, GCJ for Darwinports and GNU Classpath for Darwinports.

YaCy with GIJ (runtime)

  • YaCy starts and runs
  • after approx. 2 hours an OutOfMemoryError occurs

Icon work.png TODO: Find out why


To run YaCy using GNUs Java Virtual Machine (suggested version: 4.1.1 which is roughly equivalent to JDK 1.4.2), 2 preconditions must be met:

  1. YaCy should be compiled with ECJ (the commandline compiler from the Eclipse project)
  2. YaCy needs Ant to compile

Installation of ECJ

ECJ is available for most distributions and can be installed via the package management.

Installation of Ant

One can install Ant by following the instruction on the website above or by using the distributions package management system.

Auswahl verschiedener Java-VMs mit galternatives


In Debian & Ubuntu JVMs are managed through the 'alternatives' system. You can chose the wanted virtual machine by running "update-alternatives" or graphically through "galternatives".

modify YaCy init script

To change to VM for YaCy only, you can edit the init script since version 0.38 or SVN revision 2696 by changing the line containing JAVA="`which java`" with JAVA=/usr/bin/gij In older versions you need to replace all occurances of "java" with the name of your alternative VM.

Icon work.png TODO: Eventually a set JAVA_HOME must be delete by calling "unset JAVA_HOME"?

Installation of YaCy

Because of an uninspected inconsistency between Sun's JRE 1.4.2 and GIJ YaCy's function to test for a compatible Java version fails. To prevent an immediate exit of YaCy comment the line containing System.exit(-1); in source/yacy.java in method startup(String homePath, long startupMemFree, long startupMemTotal) out.

If both ant and ecj installed one can start YaCy's compilation by calling:

ant compileMain

At the moment it is needed to run YaCy on GIJ with the following command line because it uses a different parameter syntax than the JDK:

gij --mx=128m -cp classes:.:lib/commons-collections.jar:lib/commons-pool-1.2.jar:lib/svnRevNr.jar yacy

Icon work.png TODO: AFAIK gij understand "-Xmx" as well

YaCy with JamVM / Classpath

not tested yet

YaCy with Cacao / Classpath

not tested yes

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